Arrythmia Clinic

Arrhythmia Clinic at Alexander House Wimbledon

Palpitations are usually due to a change in the heart rhythm.  They can be short lived and in the majority of cases are usually harmless but they can sometimes signify important underlying heart problems.  A heart rhythm abnormality, or arrhythmia, can also occur without symptoms and may be detected by feeling the pulse at the wrist. 

Alexander House is a small, friendly private medical clinic situated close to the centre of Wimbledon town, which offers an arrhythmia clinic and is part of the National Arrhythmia Alliance network.  

We provide an affordable outpatient based service for investigating palpitations, including comprehensive investigations, usually delivered in a one-stop setting. 

Tests will normally include an ultrasound scan of the heart (echocardiogram), a blood test to include a thyroid check, as abnormalities of thyroid function can upset the heart rhythm and both resting and continuous ECG monitoring. 

The clinic now has the new Zenicor monitoring device, a hand-held, pocket-sized machine, allowing instant ECG recordings, that can be transmitted to Alexander House via the internet from any part of the world. 

We are happy to accept individuals referred via their GP and also self-referring patients. 

Attached is a flow diagram detailing the investigations that will normally be done for someone presenting with a heart rhythm disturbance.  The results of tests are reviewed by our consultant cardiologist and will usually be available to both the GP and the patient within 48 hours.