24 Hour Blood Pressure Monitoring

Your blood pressure will be measure and recorded throughout a 24 hour period

Patient Guide to 24 Hour Blood Pressure Monitor
This leaflet has been produced to answer some questions that you may have about the fitting, wearing and removal of the monitor.
Our Blood Pressure recorders are designed to be light and comfortable so that they are as unobtrusive as possible enabling you to go about your day-to-day activities with minimal disturbance.
Fitting of the 24hr Blood Pressure Monitor
Your technician or nurse will choose the best way for you to wear the monitor depending upon your individual situation.  It may be useful for you to wear slightly loose clothing that will accommodate the cuff inflation on your arm and the monitor that fits around your waist.

You will be required to undress from the waist up (women may keep their brassieres on).  The technician/nurse will programme the device with your details and attach a liner to the inside of the cuff which may help absorb moisture as it can get very warm when in place for 24 hours.
The cuff will be placed around the appropriate arm and connected to the recorder.  This needs to be firmly in place and not too tight or lose.  An electrode may be attached to the cuff and your arm to ensure that the cuff stays in place.

The monitor will be turned and on and two test recordings will be taken by the technician/nurse.  This generates a beeping noise from the recorder but following readings should not produce a sound.  If successful the monitor is ready for use over the next 24 hours. 
During the 24 Hours
The monitor should be worn for the full 24 hours.  Please inform the technician or nurse if you will have difficulty in meeting this requirement.

You will be asked to refrain from bathing during the 24 hours. It is important that you DO NOT ALLOW THE MONITOR TO GET WET!

The monitor has been programmed to take your blood pressure at 30 minute intervals from 8am to 11 pm then at 60 minute intervals between 11pm and 8am.  If you go to bed earlier than 11pm and feel that you may have difficulties sleeping please ask your technician/nurse if it is possible to adjust the timings on the program.

It is important that you try to keep still during each measurement.  This ensures that the measurement is made quickly and accurately, with little inconvenience to you.  You should sit or stand still for the measurement and hold your arm relaxed by your side.  Sometimes the cuff may inflate to very high pressures and become uncomfortable in order to take a successful reading.  This is rare and there is a safety device within the unit to ensure that the cuff does not remain inflated for longer than 120 seconds.

From time to time, you may notice more frequent measurement intervals.  This is normal.
If you feel symptoms
If you feel symptoms such as chest pain, dizziness or palpitations, you can make an additional measurement by pressing the large orange button next to the display screen on the recorder.  If able you should write down the time and date of your symptoms, and what you were doing when you felt them.  This information can be useful for your consultant and should be given to him at your next appointment.
Returning the monitor
Usually we will provide you with a padded envelope to return the monitor in.  Undo the Velcro cuff on your arm and remove the electrode that may or not be on your arm securing the cuff.  Undo the belt and place the whole system into the envelope.  This will then be ready for delivery to Alexander House.

Please Note    Unless discussed at the time of your appointment the monitor is expected back the following day.  This is because the monitors are in regular use.  Please discuss difficulties in meeting this requirement when you book the appointment to fit the monitor.

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