Arrythmia Clinic

Arrhythmia Clinic at Alexander House Wimbledon

Palpitations are usually due to a change in the heart rhythm.  They can be short lived and in the majority of cases are usually harmless but they can sometimes signify important underlying heart problems.  A heart rhythm abnormality, or arrhythmia, can also occur without symptoms and may be detected by feeling the pulse at the wrist. 

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24 Hour ECG Monitoring or Holter Monitoring

This test monitors test monitors the hearts function over a 24 hour period.

Patient Guide to 24 hour ECG monitoring 
A 24 hour ECG (or Holter monitor) is a continuous tape recording of a patient’s ECG over 24 hours.  It is worn whilst the patient carries out their normal day to day activities, helping the consultant to correlate symptoms such as chest pain, palpitations and feinting.  It will also pick up heart rhythm abnormalities that are asymptomatic but may also reveal signs of ischemia (lack of blood supply to the heart).

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Resting ECG

This test provides a recording of the electrical activity in your heart.

The heart has an electrical system that makes sure that the chambers of the heart beat in a regular and synchronised way. The Resting ECG is a recording of this electrical activity, taken whilst you are resting. Self-adhesive pads are attached to the skin of the arms, legs and chest. The test takes approximately 10 minutes and no special clothing is required.

Exercise Stress Test

ETT (exercise tolerence test or exercise stress test).  This measures how the heart responds when you exercise.

Wires are attached and your ECG is recorded whilst you walk on a treadmill. The blood pressure, the rhythm of the heart and your symptoms are also recorded during and after the exercise.  This test will take approximately 30 minutes and you are advised to wear comfortable clothes such as a tracksuit and flat shoes.

Dr Robin Roberts MBBS, FRCP

Dr Robin Roberts MBBS, FRCP
Dr Robin Roberts MBBS, FRCP

Dr Robin Roberts is a private Consultant Cardiologist . He has more than 20 years of experince in managing patients with cardiac diease and complex medical problems. He is the lead cardiologist for The Private Cardiac Clinic at Alexander House Wimbledon and consults in Wimbledon, Harley Street and Surrey.

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An echocardiogram uses sound waves to build up a picture of your heart.
The Echocardiogram (more commonly known as an ECHO) is an ultrasound test.  Ultrasound uses high frequency sounds (not audible to humans) that can be emitted and detected by the echo machine.

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Dr Robin Roberts in consultation
Dr Robin Roberts in consultation

The private cardiac clinic at Alexander House Wimbledon is led by an experienced senior private cardiologist, Dr Robin Roberts MBBS, FRCP and offers high quality professional cardiac consultations and investigations in friendly and comfortable surroundings.

Our experienced team of nursing and technical staff provide an efficient service. We can usually offer consultations on the same day as referral and the majority of investigations required can be  offered on site.

Cardiac symptoms can be very frightening for patients and their families. At the cardiac clinic we understand the impact that these fears have on patients lives. By organising tests quickly and efficiently appropriate treatment  can be organised to get you back to a normal way of life as soon as possible. Our friendly staff and comfortable surroundings will put you at ease during the investigation process.

The private cardiac clinic is based at Alexander House in Wimbledon. We can now also offer Consultations with the Cardiologist in Harley Street. This private clinic opened in 2004 and is fully registered with the Care Quality commission it has high quality cardiac testing equipment and experienced technical and nursing staff.

Stress and depression can play a significant role in how patients cope with a diagnosis of cardiac disease. Patients who suffer with depression are more likely to develop cardiac problems and this is more significant in women who have depression than men. The private cardiac clinic offers a psychiatric service to diagnose and support patients who are psychologically affected by their cardiac diagnosis. We also offer cardiac screening for patients whose primary problem is stress or depression or whose drugs can cause cardiac side effects. 

Investigations available at Alexander House Wimbledon


  • How healthy is your heart?

  • Do you know your blood pressure or cholesterol level?

  • Do you have a family history of cardiac disease?

  • Are you overweight, diabetic, a smoker?

  • Are you taking enough exercise?

  • Do you have a history of depression or do you suffer from stress or anxiety?

Don't wait until you develop symptoms. In 50% of cases the first symptom of heart disease is a heart attack. We offer  comprehensive cardiac screening: 

Dr. Robin Roberts is directly linked with the European Scanning Centre in Harley Street.

24 Hour Blood Pressure Monitoring

Your blood pressure will be measure and recorded throughout a 24 hour period

Patient Guide to 24 Hour Blood Pressure Monitor
This leaflet has been produced to answer some questions that you may have about the fitting, wearing and removal of the monitor.
Our Blood Pressure recorders are designed to be light and comfortable so that they are as unobtrusive as possible enabling you to go about your day-to-day activities with minimal disturbance.

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